About Angeline

I grew up in Prince George and have lived here most of my life.  I have worn many hats – wife, mom, admin assistant, and now real estate professional.  I believe my passion for house design and decorating, personal drive to excel, and love of helping others blends well to contribute to my career.

As a teenager, a keen interest in house design had me spending hours drafting floor plans, and learning about plumbing, electrical, and building codes.  Later in life, I developed a love for interior decorating and renovation and have many DIY projects under my belt.

I am motivated, always, by my desire to be helpful to people.  That is one of the reasons I chose real estate.  The abiding principal in this business is to put your client first, above all else, and this suits my service-oriented personality perfectly.  With a heart and a passion for helping others, my focus is on building exceptional relationships with my clients, and being there for them before, during, and after long after the transaction.

When I help you navigate through the myriad details of buying and/or selling your home, my hope is that you will come away from the experience feeling that you got the best deal possible and even had some fun during the process.  My goal is to give you a five-star experience so that you can’t wait to write a great review and refer me to your friends and family.  This is the best thanks you could give me, and I’ll do everything I can to earn those reviews and referrals.  So let’s get started!