I grew up in Prince George and have lived here most of my life.  I have worn many hats – wife, mom, admin assistant, and now real estate professional.  I believe my passion for house design and decorating, personal drive to excel, and love of helping others blends well to contribute to my career.

As a teenager, a keen interest in house design had me spending hours drafting floor plans, and learning about plumbing, electrical, and building codes.  Later in life, I developed a passion for interior decorating and renovation and have many DIY projects under my belt.

I have always strived for excellence in my schooling and in work.  As a young girl, my goal was a gold star sticker to prove that my efforts had paid off – a sentiment that, together with my AU initials, inspired my brand.  This same drive followed me into adulthood, and at 49, I passed the real estate licensing exam with an exceptionally high mark.

I am motivated, always, by my desire to be helpful to people.  That is one of the reasons I chose real estate.  The abiding principal in this business is to put your client first, above all else, and this suits my service-oriented personality perfectly.  My logo and motto represent who I am and what you can expect from me as your real estate agent.

When I help you navigate through the myriad details of buying and/or selling your home, my hope is that you will come away from the experience feeling that you got the best deal possible with the least amount of stress, and I hope you will have a little fun too!